I’m a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) professional. I’m passionate about User-Centered Design and advocating for user’s challenges and empathizing for them by delivering a simple digital product to streamline tasks. Over 9+ years’ experience working in B2B & B2C on design, research, strategy, and leading teams to further consumer experiences.

Work Experience

AIM Specialty Health (UX Designer)                                                                                   

  • Evaluated design capabilities to identify complexity and usability needs to further simplify processes on how Call Center and Clinicians processes can be streamlined into a digital solution.
  • Conducted heuristic analysis of internal digital solutions to further support design system practices.
  • Lead design thinking practices to further comprehend the end users journey and personas.


ABC Supply (Lead UX Designer)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Lead design of an e-commerce framework for roofing and constructions material organization.
  • Conducted UX Research, stakeholder interviews, and concept testing to support concept validation.
  • Aligned with various technology teams to comprehend dependencies for MVP strategy.
  • Created UI flows and wireframes to align the business and development teams.
  • Collaborated with UI & external vendor in defining a UX / ADA design guidelines that align with the design style guide.


Joint Commission  (Lead Product UX Designer)                                                                                                                  

  • Lead and Mentor UX designers to further support multiple features enhancements while maintaining a cohesive and defined time line on track.
  • Championed and lead discovery of opportunities to further apply Agile practices to maintain forward progress and alignment between teams.
  • Facilitated review sessions to align requirements for feasible and scalable solutions.
  • Created an Innovation Lab to further explore and support multiple persona, business, and technical findings.
  • Designed and Iterate wireframes to align teams on user stories.
  • Documented and advocate for positive acceptance criteria based to maintain a consistent experience across platforms.
  • Conduct Usability Research to validate, document needs, and further define optimal workflows.
  • Advocated for team members recommendations to further maintain consistency and positive experience throughout the software life cycle.

CNH Inc. (Product UX Researcher)                                                                                                                                

  • Leading usability testing practices to further comprehend how farmers use their tractor or combine displays in the field to analysis and identify design recommendations.
  • Identified best practices and key product indicators to further enhance digital displays based on market and ISO standards.
  • Advocating design thinking to further comprehend the end users mental models and personas.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to comprehend research needs to support feature requirements and iterate on design deliverables.

Redbox (Principal UX Designer)

  • Leading and re-defining Mobile First approach for product owners, designers and creative members based on user journeys based on research and analytics findings.
  • Lead and design for IOS, Android, and Kiosk form factor to further increase transactional conversion.
  • Defining and designing use cases to deliver exceptional user journey across platforms.
  • Collaborate with creative, product management, and technology in an agile approach to iterate on UI design.
  • Conduct workshops with UX members to further expand knowledge and collaborate on concept designs.


Walgreens ( Senior Mobile UX Designer)

  • Lead kiosk and mobile designs to further increase revenue based on new technology and additions to product catalog.
  • Designed native and HTML 5 Mobile web application UI flows and wireframes to align with the desktop version for Android and IOS.
  • Conducted market and supported concept validation research for new emerging business objectives.

J.P. Morgan Chase  (Senior User Experience Designer)                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Supported enterprise financial services mobile and web applications for best e-commerce experience.
  • Defined design patterns and documenting future enhancements for consistency across the product portfolios.
  • Documented technical requirements using Axure or CMS for business acceptance.
  • Advocated WCAG guidelines (AA) for compliance on legacy applications and implemented rebranding on legacy applications across J.P. Morgan Chase.

Wheels Inc, (Senior User Experience Architect)                                                                                                                  

  • Leading a design and creative UI Panel through remote sessions to gather research on mobile and desktop application that require information architecture and design support.
  • Lead UI-framework design standards on all future developments to apply consistency and UX requirements for converting silo department applications into a web application portfolio that can become a universal desktop.
  • Supervised 2 developers and 2 UX interns over a 3-month internship program included research, design, and development of mobile application. My internship team received executive and product development acceptance of mobile application based on the survey, prototypes, and usability testing on Axure prototypes and demonstrating on Ipad & Smartphone using Sencha Touch, a JavaScript Framework.
  • Supporting Agile Methodologies by gathering requirements, documenting research, and wire-framing low/high-Fi mockups using Axure while collecting business requirements.